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Our product line features quartz tubes and quartz tube heaters, designed for both high-power industrial applications and low-power household appliances. We stock a variety of standard models and offer customization options to suit your needs.

Milky Quartz Tube

Our quartz tube series includes Milky Quartz Tubes, various shapes of quartz tubes, various colors of quartz tubes, Quartz Capillary Tubes, and Quartz Laser Cavities. We maintain stock of standard models and offer customization options.

Our quartz tube heater series includes single-tube short-wave, double-tube short-wave, medium-wave, carbon medium-wave, ring-shaped, and special-shaped varieties, ideal for high-power heating applications in industrial environments. We maintain stock of standard types and offer customization according to your requirements.

Our quartz tube heater series includes quartz heating elements, halogen tubes, and carbon fiber heating elements in various colors, suitable for low-power household appliances. Customization options are available.

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About GlobalQT

GlobalQT was established in 1988 and has over 30 years of professional experience in the quartz electric heating products industry. The company has 385 employees and a 40,000 square meter factory, and has made significant progress since its establishment. We hold 32 design and invention patents and strictly adhere to the ISO9001:2015 quality control system. Learn more About Us.

Why Choose Us?

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Factory Strength:

  • Over three decades of industry expertise.
  • Certified by the ISO9001:2015 quality control system.
  • Acknowledged as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, China, and the Engineering Technology Research Center for Efficient and Energy-Saving Far-Infrared Radiator Devices.
  • Boasting 8 quartz tube melting furnaces with a daily output of 12 tons and a substantial inventory of standard specifications to address urgent order needs.

Equipment Excellence

  • 8 quartz tube melting furnaces, 8 assembly lines, 2 fully-inspected assembly lines dedicated to heating tubes, and 3 furnaces specially designed for treating heating wires.
  • Complemented by over 40 specialized automatic wire winding machines and 6 automatic glue machines, enhancing our advanced production capabilities.
Quartz tube factory GlobalQT
Complete Supply Chain Advantage

Complete Supply Chain Advantage:

We are the only manufacturer globally that independently produces the entire process, from the extraction of quartz minerals to the manufacturing of the final heating products. With a complete and comprehensive supply chain, we ensure our unique dominance in the industry.

Sustainable Practices:

  • We prioritize green production, using eco-friendly materials and processes.
  • Efficient, energy-saving equipment boosts productivity and reduces energy use.
  • We champion recycling, minimizing waste and maximizing resource use.
  • Staff undergo training to foster environmental awareness and active participation.
  • Engaging in social welfare, we fulfill corporate responsibility and contribute to the community and the environment.
Sustainable Practices

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